Loaded Cannon Is Coming

On the horizon, a ship, and the faint sound of drumming
Captain says, prepare, Loaded Cannon is coming

Of the sea, my boy, she is the pride,
Copper cannon balls, 12 guns on each side!

Kaminari they call lighting and thunder
The Cannon carries this bottled down under

She holds a great treasure, of more value than gold
Copper shot poured, straight?Ah, quite bold!

It’s true they say it never misses it mark
Those who deny, they swim with the sharks

The Singing River’s song tells the full story
Of pirates, their plunders and Carlota’s great glory

Her revenge so sweet, her spirit still sings
So three sheets in the wind, with the speed it soon brings

The cannon is loaded, and it’s aim always true
Faster, faster, as the sight aims at you.

So join with the brethren, and share a great toast
To the loaded-cannon ship, the pride of the coast

She’s built for speed with the best you can buy
The crew are the masters in raising sails high

There’s no more to share, nothing else to say
So we’ll raise a glass of Ballista Cobre

Drink it slow, my friend, and cherish the taste
Hold it up high and let not it waste.

To sum it all up in a short word or two, the
cannon is loaded, the pirate is you.

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